If you're considering to have an additional source of income as a way to grow your company, you may want to weigh the advantages of joining Goldsikka.
Goldsikka offers you the opportunity to become a business partner to unleash you business potential and grow exponentially.
Goldsikka has excellent products and services by becoming a partner you can sell these products and services to larger customers and achieve your goals.

Goldsikka is part of professional organization in business from last three decades and has good business practices and ethics. When you join Goldsikka you are sure of our business commitments and ethics.
As a sales partner of Goldsikka you will serve as direct sellers of Goldsikka products and services.
It is imperative for a partner or sales agents to have sufficient product knowledge of Goldsikka, a decent market reputation to help you achieve your sales goals.

Skills you need to have to become a Goldsikka partner

  The ability and desire to sell

  Excellent communication skills

  A positive, confident and determined approach

  Resilience and the ability to cope with rejection

  A high degree of self-motivation and ambition

  The skills to work both independently and as part of a team

  The capability to flourish in a competitive environment

  A good level of numeracy


  Service Oriented Approach

Joining process

  The potential new member is introduced to the products and services of Goldsikka.

  Members are required to comply with the Goldsikka Code of Conduct

  Currently we don’t charge a membership fee however you have to consistently perform to stay affiliated with us.

  The membership process is completed by signing up on Goldsikka website.

  You will be allotted unique ID for identification and transfer of emolument

  Goldsikka undertakes new member due diligence process

  Goldsikka and the potential new member confirm mutual alignment