Benefits to Partners

If you're considering to having an additional source of income as a way to grow your company, you may want to weigh the advantages of joining Goldsikka.

Goldsikka offers you the opportunity to become a business partner to unleash your business potential and grow exponentially

Goldsikka has excellent products & services, by becoming a partner you can sell these products and services to larger customers and achieve your goals.

Goldsikka is a professional organization in business from last three decades and has good business practices and ethics. When you join Goldsikka you are sure of our business commitments and ethics.

As a sales partner of Goldsikka you will serve as the direct sellers of Goldsikka products and services.


Months No of Accounts Com Rate per a/c Total No of Accounts Gold Value Grand Total
1 1 800 800 - - 800
1 10 800 8000 0.5 2100 10100
1 25 800 20000 1 4200 24200
1 50 800 40000 2 8400 48400
1 75 800 60000 3 12600 72600
1 100 800 80000 5 21000 101000
1 150 825 123750 8 33600 157350
1 200 850 170000 10 42000 212000
1 300 875 262500 12 50400 312900
1 400 900 360000 14 58800 418800


You can register with Goldsikka by signing up on Goldsikka website
You will have to pay a nominal registration fees at the time of joining Goldsikka which will be refunded on your first booking.
You will work as an independent business partner with Goldsikka not an employee.
You will sell Goldsikka products and services and do business tie ups.
Goldsikka will do extensive marketing and publicity campaigns online and offline.
Yes Goldsikka will provide you with business kit which includes an ID card, business card and fliers etc.
You will get a commission when you register a customer with Goldsikka.
On reaching important milestones you will get gold coins from Goldsikka, e.g.: on completing 25 customers you will get 1 gram gold.
When a customer signs up and make his/her payment Goldsikka will immediately release your commission to you.
You will get your commission transferred to your bank account.


1. Agents have to provide true and accurate information about gold plan being selected by customer. Must never indulge in statements which are contrary to policies of Goldsikka

2. Agents have to clearly explain to customers that they are signing up for a gold plan and only gold is given after completion of the plan.

3. This commission structure is applicable till gold price reached a price of 50000 and also applicable till 1000 accounts are open with Goldsikka.

4. This commission is payable on continuation of My Gold 2020/GBP by customer. In case the customer chooses to close his/her account within three months opening account than only propionate payment of commission is given.

5. Agreed commission will be paid immediately when they generate business. At the time of booking a spot cash of Rs.500 is given and Rs.100 will be given in next three months time when customer makes his/her monthly payment

6. Company’s tool kit like forms, flyers, booklets, business card and bill book will be given

7. Customer data base and enrollment records will be maintained by GS staff

8. Agents are required to handover customer enrollment forms to Goldsikka on daily basis

9. Agents must keep the proper record of receipts & bill books

10. Payment mode will be only by CHEQUE, NEFT, IMPS

11. After the completion of gold plan or scheme, gold will be handed over to client by Goldsikka in office or deliver at customers given address.

12. Company reserves the right to revise commission structure without prior intimation to agents.

13. Agents are not suppose to take the payment from client in cash. Only online transfer, check IMPS NEFT are accepted

14. Agents have to clearly state that no cash can be availed under any circumstances.

15. Taxes are applicable as per law.