We, just love Gold and share a specific bond with it. Apart from buying gold Jewellery and Coins, It's Very common for most of People to invest in the yellow metal. It's not only one of the most preferred investment options but also it is an investment as it gives high returns. Gold has it's own social and cultural importance. It helps you tide over the bad times much better or you could say "when the going gets tough, Gold gets going".we are here with an Amazing offer i.e, GOLD BUILD PLAN which is an opportunity that allows you to accumulate physical Gold in small amounts through periodic installments as per your Savings. Now own your Gold as per your saving.

A purchase plan where you can buy 24 Carat 999 pure Gold by paying a fixed amount in a fixed period of time.

Deposit a Calculated First EMI Amount at the time of booking and the rest can be paid in easy installments. Accumulate Your 24 carat 999 Pure Gold when the Amount is paid in full.

Gold Build Plan (GBP) Offers a tenure ranging from 1 year to 3 years. - Get Your Gold Delievered Right at your Door Step



Daily Price Method Gold shall be bought on selected day at the daily price of gold quoted on our website.
Minimum Monthly Installment(MMI): Based on Gold price and Gold grams Minimum Monthly Installment (MMI) will be decided.
Tenure Period 1 year to 3 Years.
Product Offered
Gold grams of 24 Carat of 999 fineness.
Payment Modes All the payments shall be made by cheque or through bank transfer only.
Request Delivery You can request for the delivery of the gold accumulated under a GBP in the form of Biscuits/Bars/Coins and the same shall be delivered at your doorstep.
Gold Pricing Average gold prices as computed by the system, the same will be displayed on the website on a regular basis.

With the ever increasing prices of Gold, Gold Build Plan (GBP) offers you an access to convert your savings into Gold through regular periodic investments. Invest now!

Please Note: To invest through Gold Build Plan you have to be a registered customer of Goldsikka Register here for free

Features Faq's Terms & Conditions


The Gold Build Plan (GBP) is a purchase plans where you can buy Gold of a certain fixed amount every month from Goldsikka. It allows accumulating Gold in smaller quantity through periodic installments.

The Daily Average Price is calculated in a very transparent manner on our website. The Gold Build Plan follows the bullion rate declared by the company at 11:00 AM on all working days. All bank holidays will be considered as holidays and the previous last closing rate to be taken as trade rate.

  • a) The opening rate for trading is at 11:00 AM on all working days
  • b) The first reviewed rate at 2:00 PM
  • c) The second reviewed rate at 4:00PM
  • d) The closing rate will be at 5:00PM on all working days
Once you are successfully registered, you need to log into your account, click on the GBP link, fill in a simple form specifying your choices and submit. Your application to GBP will be completed and you will get a confirmation sms.
The minimum amount is decided based on the customer's selection of gold grams and duration.GST charges are applicable.
The purchaser/customer has the option to select GBP Investment Tenure ranging from 1 year to 3 years.
No, the tenure of GBP plan cannot be extended once the GBP plan is successfully created.
You can create as many GBPs (with different options) as you want from on single Goldsikka account.
The Gold quantity bought in GBP will be delivered and invoiced at the end of the same day as explained under Registration, Documentation and Operations section.
You can download your detailed GBP statement under the GBP section after you log in to your Goldsikka account.
No, the GBP accumulated quantity cannot be sold during GBP tenure. However, the purchaser/customer can request the delivery of the Gold accumulated in the form of coins and bars. The purchaser/customer can sell the Gold accumulated under the GBP only at the end of the tenure.
No, the purchaser/customer can‘t opt for Cash at the end of GBP tenure.
Features Faq's Terms & Conditions


1. The Purchaser/ Customer confirms to have fully read and understood the various Terms & Conditions of Purchase plans offered by the Company and based thereon, the Purchaser/ Customer has requested/selected to avail the Gold under the Gold Build Plan with terms and conditions as mentioned in Purchase Placement Application & Contract Form.

2. That Present Gold Purchase agreement is only in respect of 24 Carat Purity Gold and the Rate Prevalent at the time of actual Purchase is applied

3. The Gold Build Plan offered and agreed is for purchase placement for a specific weight of Bullion/Jewellery with a specific monthly Installment amount in a specific period of months.

4. If the Minimum Monthly Installments (MMI) amounts are Stopped / Discontinued / Suspended then the Customer gold gram will be re-calculated as per fractional gram rate. Fractional Gram rates are as follows:

  • (a) For 9 grams - 4% plus
  • (b) For 8grams – 6% plus
  • (c) For 7gram – 8% plus
  • (d) For 6gram – 10% plus
  • (e) For 5gram – 12% plus
  • (f) For 4gram – 14% plus
  • (g)For 3 gram – 16% plus
  • (h) For 2 gram – 18% plus
  • (i) For 1 gram – 20% plus
  • (j) Less than 1 gram - 25% plus.

5. If Customers wants he/she can put the account on a temporary pause for Maximum of 3 months by paying nominal fees of Rs.100/- Per month. After three 3 months the account will be suspended by company.

6. Minimum Monthly Installments (MMI) as agreed and contracted for the period of 1, 1 ½, 2 Years

7. The processing fee / purchase placement application & contract process charges (Non refundable) is applicable per gram as follows:

  • a)For 12 months Rs.50/- per gram ,
  • b) For 18 months Rs.75/- per gram ,
  • c) For 24 months Rs.100/- per gram ,

8. That before 10th day of each month the customer shall pay his / her Minimum Monthly Installments (MMI) without any delay to facilitate a consolidated purchase on behalf of account holders every month.

9. If payments are made after 10th of the month a transaction fee will be charged @Rs.100/- for that particular month. A transaction fee is required to carry out a separate transaction for individual customer.

10. During the middle of the term if customer wants to end the plan by paying rest of the amount at one go he/she will have to intimate goldsikka a week in advance to close the account and gold gram will be re-calculated as per fractional gram rate prescribed by the goldsikka and the customer.

11. That upon payment of all Minimum Monthly Installments (MMI)+ processing fee and GST@3% as applicable, the company will hand over/deliver the purchased gold to the customers on next working day. That is on completion of the contracted period.

12. In case the rate of the gold increases or decreases / reduces at any time in future, the purchase placement rate shall be adjusted to current gold rate. If in case Gold value decreases that amount cannot opt by cash it should be only by Gold.

13. Purchaser/Customer has to bring the Minimum Monthly Installment (MMI) card every month while making payments. The original MMI card has to be surrendered at the time of redemption. The person, who has signed the Purchase Placement application form, should sign on the invoice and delivery receipt at the time of purchase / redemption/delivery.

14. GST and all other Govt taxes which are applicable or which may become applicable shall be paid by customer at the day of purchase placement billing and subsequently on every payment of minimum monthly installments (MMI) of the purchase placement application & contract.

15. The Gold Build Plan follows the bullion rate declared by the company at 11:00 AM on all working days. All bank holidays will be considered as holidays and the previous last closing rate to be taken as trade rate.

  • a) The opening rate for trading is at 11:00 AM on all working days.
  • b) The first reviewed rate at 2:00 PM.
  • c) The second reviewed rate at 4:00PM.
  • d) The closing rate will be at 5:00PM on all working days.

16. In Purchase Placement Application & Contract. NO REFUND of money is allowed under any circumstances under the Gold Build Plan.

17. All the payments shall be made by Payment Gateway or cheque or through bank transfer only. In case of dishonour of cheque & ECS or NACH minimum bouncing charges of Rs.500/- shall be applicable. Purchaser/customer should ensure to collect receipt voucher/ original at the time of payment.

18. That, This present purchase placement bill / agreement & contract is non transferable.

19. The purchase plans are unique and will not be linked to any other existing or future Purchase plans/ offers.

20. Under this Purchase Plan Indian citizens are only eligible, MINORS are not eligible to be a Purchaser/Customer.

21. That Gold to be handed over/deliver to the customers shall be in the form of Biscuits/Coins/Bars only. Making charges, process wastage and taxes as applicable if any shall be paid by customer separately.

22. At the time of joining of the purchase Plan and at the day of taking actual delivery of gold, the Purchaser/ Customer has to bring recent passport size colour photograph and documents required Pan card, Passport, Driving Licence and any other accepted ID proof.

23. The locker facility, if any, provided by the company at any of its branches is not regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

24. In case of change in address, loss of Minimum Monthly Installments (MMI) card, the Company should be kept informed without any delay. The purchaser/customers have to apply in writing for issue of duplicate card enclosing KYC requirements.

25. The purchaser/customer signature at the time of maturity must match the registration.

26. This purchase plan is purely a purchase and sale, thus a trading activity of goods and commodity and this is not a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) or any kind of deposit whatsoever as define by the “Companies Act 2013”. The purchase Plan does not offer any benefits, interest in cash or kind and is purely for the delivery of a commodity that is 24 Carat/999 Purity Gold bullion .Under sale and purchase activity with GST@3% as applicable. And amounts accepted for designated transactions and are adjusted against the sale and delivery consideration.

27. In case the member does not take delivery of the Gold after completing the term within one month then the company will hold the Gold as “stock in custody” till the customer takes delivery of the Gold. The customer will be Communicated/Informed by the company in this regard by email / hard copy.

28. We deal only in LBMA approved gold.

29. All the general Force Majeure terms are applicable.

30. The Company may opt to send SMS or communication in other modes reminding payments and about any other products/services of the Company or of any other entities or for conveying any information to the Purchaser/Customer.

31. The Purchaser/ Customer confirm that all particulars / details given in the applications are true and correct and no information has been suppressed / with held.

32. The Terms and Conditions notified herein and in all Purchase Plans may be Altered, Modified and / or issued Fresh by the Company as per the Market Dynamics and Business requirements without affecting the Basic Values of the Purchase Plans.

33. Subjected to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.

Features Faq's Terms & Conditions